Brawlhalla x Avatar: The Last Airbender – Official Crossover Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer for the Brawlhalla x Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration, which brings the characters Aang, Toph, and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender as Epic Crossovers to the mobile 2D platform fighter game. Check it out to see the characters in action.

The launch also kicks off the latest Crossover Event, featuring a Western Air Temple-inspired map for free-for-all and 1v1 matches, Momo emote, Cabbage Merchant KO effect, Appa sidekick, and new themed emojis and avatars. Players who log in during the event will also earn “The Tale of Iroh” profile avatar for free. All items will still be purchasable and playable, and the maps will still be playable, after the event ends.

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