Bloodborne is Like Parenting… No Seriously, Hear Me Out

What’s difficult by default, has no way to pause, and has you wondering what to do with the umbilical cord when you get it? In this episode of Podcast Beyond, Max Scoville takes us through the similarities of Bloodborne and parenting. Yes, you read that correctly. Bloodborne is like parenting, and here’s why! Check out this week’s rant with co-hosts Jada Griffin and Colin Stevens in the full episode on IGN and Youtube at the IGN Games channel.

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Anyway uh speaking of exclusives It's time to talk about bloodborne a Little bit more It's difficult but deeply rewarding it's A lot easier when you have help you Can't pause it and at some point you Will ask yourself what am I supposed to Do with the umbilical cord am I talking About bloodborne or am I talking about Parenting or both We've all heard something we've all Heard something difficult described as The Dark Souls of blank but like hear me Out the first thing you do in bloodborne And as a parent is stumble out of a Hospital terrified at what happens next And with no clear instructions about how You're going to approach it and early on It is not easy it can be frustrating and Confusing and scary but everybody's Talked it up so much that you might feel Like there's something wrong with you For not immediately loving it and for Being honest a lot of people do give up And just walk away in bloodborne and Parenting A special camaraderie is formed among Those who have overcome the many Challenges of both these things uh Whether you're surviving the hunt or Raising a kid and complete strangers are Often quick to help each other out Whether they're being summoned to help Beat the Blood star Beast or come to the

Rescue when another parent has run out Of wipes maybe through some combination Of skill or luck you have found this Infamously harrowing challenge to be a Walk in the park well you've got two Options one you can become a content Creator and use your talents to provide Helpful tips to others who may be Struggling or two you can keep it to Yourself because saying it's easy just Makes you sound like an and hey If you want to make it a contest that Actually comes later in bloodborne it's With PVP and in parenting it's pumping Points in your kids insight and Enrolling them in AP classes and getting Weirdly competitive with other parents Either way it involves some Sinister Bells ringing so whether you're a hunter Braving the cosmic horrors of that great Nightmare Frontier or a parent running On three hours of sleep may you find Your worth in the waking world and I Wrote that after like nine cups of Coffee this morning because I didn't get A good night's sleep If you enjoyed that check out full Episodes of Beyond IGN's PlayStation Shows we goof around about everything PlayStation related sometimes covering It seriously new episodes drop every Tuesday on or IGN Games [Music]

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