Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s Ironheart Was Too Much of a Good Thing | IGN Live Spoilercast

SPOILER WARNING! Wakanda Forever establishes tech genius Riri Williams as an important hero to watch in the MCU, but her role in the story starts to feel more like secret Ironheart homework as the movie goes…

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[Music] Talking about Riri of course what do we Think of the introduction of this Particular character and uh what does it Mean for her upcoming Disney plus series Well so uh I actually thought Dominic Thorne who plays Riri Williams did such A great job she just really makes a very Distinct impression of who this Character is uh and I could not get Enough of her it did its job of teasing The upcoming Disney plus series that she Will have Um but also it almost Uh it's I feel like they kind of got Ahead of themselves a little bit because They're like okay here's her Iron Man Suit that she made in her garage have us Have her fly that was actually a really Fun action scene Um but then at the end they're like now Here's a full on hyper Advanced wakandan Iron Man suit probably made of vibranium But at the end they're like we can't Send you Uh you know out the door without you you Have to give that back and it's sort of It's sort of weird how to that they Really took her through an entire Extreme character Arc but then of course They had to like do a soft reboot for The uh for the show so she's probably Gonna have to start and build her own Iron Man suit at the start of the show I

Don't know how extreme of a character Arc she had though and that's kind of my Problem which is that like she is Brought in and we you know her Personality is infectious she's just so Fun on screen that introduction scene With her and Okoye and shuri coming into The room and I love how akoye treats Every American like they barely Understand what she's saying little girl Um yeah but it's kind of too much of a Good thing I think I think that Riri is A really interesting character and I'm So excited to see her Disney plus series But I felt like the movie took a lot of Liberty in keeping her involved in the Action in a believable way you know She's obviously brought in because she's Developed this technology that can Detect vibranium which is very Interesting to you know any world power Really Um but but after that kind of gets Established the reason for her staying Around and for the wakanan's protecting Her I don't think that the movie tracks That very well and it's one of the Things that when we're talking about how Great the the character work that shuri Gets and Baku gets when we're talking About that it's so much more glaringly Obvious that that same kind of intention Wasn't put into riri's character in this Movie oh I completely agree and I I feel

Like Riri is one of those things about Wakanda forever that I really like and I Isolation like I really like that dorm Room scene in isolation but I just don't Think they had enough time or they had Too much to cover to really like give Her a proper Arc um that said the Actress is phenomenal and I cannot wait To see the Disney plus Series yeah it Definitely made me more excited for the Disney plus series seeing what Riri uh Has to offer and I'm glad they took that Suit back I want to see her start from Scratch uh when she gets back to Boston Uh now with that uh

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