Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Succeeds in Honoring Chadwick Boseman

The death of Chadwick Boseman significantly affected both the story and themes of the Black Panther sequel, and the movie’s at its best when it’s in conversation with that loss.

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[Music] Yeah it really pulled on those emotional Heart strings like right off the bat to Uh with uh you know obviously touching Upon um the passing of Chadwick Boseman Who was t'challa uh in the movie how do We think it handled t'challa's death Right off the bat Oh I thought it was Actually incredibly tasteful and well Done and that is this the best strength Of the movie of how it helps us in the Grieving process of you know we lost This incredible actor who played this Incredible character and the movie is is About that in a lot of ways um and just That it in the opening it starts you Know with that moment with shory you Know finding out you know what happened To her brother Um and then that uh the Marvel logo Which normally has the Marvel Fanfare And a bunch of flashy images is just a Quiet tribute to t'challa and the Black Panther With no music I heard people crying in The theater when that happened just There were sniffles immediately and it Was very powerful Um and so I thought throughout the whole Movie and in the way it ended Um on shuri you know coming to grips With what happened was great because a Lot of the time in blockbuster movies When this happens we don't get a chance

To mourn the character on screen yeah I Can think of two instances where this Has happened before something similar Heath Ledger playing The Joker that had Already been filmed that was in the can So it wasn't like they could go back and Change something Uh and Nordic would be appropriate to Like mourn The Joker yeah it's a little Different um uh and then rise of Skywalker with Leia I think they tried Their best to reuse old footage to like Make something and I I appreciate that They tried but wouldn't say it quite Worked wasn't as effective as what they Did here I thought this was very Respectful and tasteful and a good way To remember the character and the actor And and the movie does take a really Light touch in in sort of how it Converses with Chadwick's passing it is It's not out there to specifically say Oh this is how t'challa died or t'challa Died in combat it it's it's not Important the important thing is that He's gone and what does that mean for People what does that mean for the Audience that had so much invested in T'challa and in Chadwick Boseman as the Standard Bearer for that character and And the movie really takes pains to get Off to a start that is honoring you know What a rough situation this is for Everybody involved that's what I really

Liked about it I feel like as much as it Was a tribute to Chadwick and t'challa It was also a tribute to the grieving Process like it was extremely honest and You kind of have this kind of very sad Real world parallel where the creative Team in the cast has to deal with losing Their friend and their creative partner Just like you know the characters in the Movie have to deal with losing their son Their brother their lover their friend But I what I really liked about the Movie is it picked up a year after his Death because that's kind of like a Weird like uh kind of stage of grieving Where it's like between short-term and Long-term grief it's kind of where it Still feels kind of fresh but the world Kind of expects you to like move on Already and you kind of see that with Like the United Nations Council where They're like we're sorry about your king But where's the vibranium like and I Think you know you kind of see like each Character dealing with it in their own Way you have raimonda who finds you know Kind of comfort in the spiritual and she Tries to express that to shuri who's More signs driven and doesn't really you Know Vibe with that as much so I that This my favorite part of the movie I Just thought it was so honest and ask Accurate and screaming yeah the Emotional impact was definitely there it

It's it's it was it was funny because it Kind of took me back to that moment when I found out when we all found out uh About Chadwick boseman's passing so it Was nice to kind of see that reflected Uh in the film uh a year or so later Um or has it has it been just a year it Had been one year of the anniversary of His death they bring that up in the Movie yeah yeah which is why the queen You know takes shuri to the to the Riverbank right for her uh to burn the The garments and and the grieving Process and I loved that scene too Because like you have her like you have Ramada trying to comfort her with the Spiritual and sure he's like yeah like It's a very relatable scene for anyone Who's lost someone and then someone's Like well they're in a better place or They're still with you and if you can't Relate to that then that's really hard And again that's one of the things I Really love about this movie and we Should probably mention the fact that One of the reasons Shorey takes this as Hard as she does is that that opening Scene we see her trying to synthesize The heart-shaped herb which killmonger Burned all of in the first Black Panther Movie and she's unable to do it she can Only get the confidence level up to just 28 whatever it is yeah and and so she Puts it on herself so there's a

Survivor's guilt aspect that I could Have stopped this I could have done Something and it really does ground that Personal drama that will kind of forever Is so invested in with shuri's character In in such a relatable place to to feel Like oh if I could have done something Else I could have fixed this and and It's a heartbreaking place to start from Yeah it's it's brutal how it starts of Her learning the news of what happened Very much mirrors how I think that Actually I felt when I heard the news of Just suddenly like he was fine one Second and the next you know he's gone And uh I I appreciate them you know Including that in the movie in that way And then to what you were saying of that That moment where she says you know I I The queen she's she says something along The lines like I feel the breeze on my Back and like and that's t'challa and Then in the in the end I thought the end Shot of just shuri on the beach finally Having that moment for herself and Allowing her to like feel her brother And we get that flood of memories I was Fully crying at that point yeah Um and I thought that was that was it's A great thing to do start on shuri Learning this news and then and ends on Her like finally Um you know accepting what happened well That Line's specific if there's

Something else that Rwanda says in that Line it's like oh it's like a it's like A firm but like confident hand on my Shoulder and in that last shot of shuri I was almost thinking like are we gonna See like a hand come on to her shoulder To end the movie I'm glad they didn't do That this movie actually makes no Attempt to physically represent uh T'challa which is the right call I think You know people have different opinions On how the rise of Skywalker handled Leia and and ended up keeping her Involved in the action and I was not a Fan of how that worked and so I think The movie did the right thing by keeping It um yeah keeping him out of it no no Sure he definitely

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