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Hey we're back with another episode of Before you buy the show where we give You some straight up gameplay and of Course our first impressions of the Latest games releasing hi folks it's Falcon and today we're taking a look at Bayonetta 3 and this one has been a long Time coming the revealed trailer was out Way back in 2017. that's nearly five Years ago today and this is a hotly Anticipated game by the Nintendo Faithful and Sega faithful in Platinum Games faithful and I'm not gonna mince Words with this this might be platinum's Best game yet so if you have a fondness For the other two Bayonetta games or Devil May Cry or just the character Action spectacle fighter games in General you're gonna like this game the Skill ceiling is kind of high and the Visuals aren't quite as good as we'd Like it sometimes but overall who cares The overall package is fantastic uh so If you've watched the trailer then you Know the stories either nonsense or Incomprehensible and I mean that's Pretty much bayonet already so don't Worry a whole lot about it but this time The titular mirror omnipotent which Takes on a dimension hopping being known As Singularity and its seemingly endless Army of monkey lie so the only way to Stop the destruction of all reality is Is for Bayonetta to team up with the

Mysterious new character and Umbro witch And training From Another Dimension by The name of Viola and you have to Collect the five chaos gears which Viola Says are the only things that can stop Singularity that's the premise he Traveled alternate Dimensions meet a Different Bayonetta defeat a boss get The chaos gear but obviously for this Series there's tons of insane twists and Uh to say it gets spicier than that is Just a mild statement the actual story That's told here is all right but again We're not really playing these games With a story it's spectacle and this Game more than delivers on that front so In terms of campiness the game is a Little more subdued than the previous Entries but not a lot there's a lot of Goofy stuff that can Veer into cringe Territory if if you're not the type of Person who likes this kind of humor as I Very much am like it's intentionally Like that they know it seems like a lot Of people don't understand that but That's neither here nor there for the Most part the game stories endearingly Cheesy rather than actively embarrassing But I also just told you exactly what Kind of humor I enjoy out of this game Too you might not agree if there's one Thing I can say I appreciate about the Story though it's that the bad guy is Shown to be a legitimate threat for once

Like I don't really understand why the Bad guys are anything in the last two Games but like it's very obvious that This guy's destroying universes like Yeah there's a lot of joking around in This game like you might expect from a Platinum game but there is actually some Weight some stakes and that's very good Um mechanically so here's where we Really start to talk about some Differences uh a lot has changed between Bayonetta 2. uh which was I mean kind of Just an iteration on the first game not To to say it's bad or anything I really Enjoyed Bayonetta too but it's kind of Super Mario Brothers 3 rather than Mario 64. if that makes sense Um this game however Bayonetta 3 feels Like a pretty big jump forward in terms Of this series so when you press the ZL Button you can summon and directly Control infernal demons under Bayonetta's command uh they're not just Creatures that appear in cut scenes to Chomp on a defeated boss you can Actually use them in battle and it is Really satisfying once you get the hang Of it um there is a skill ceiling you're Gonna have to break through to get most Of these guys and that does take some Time at first feels a little Overwhelming uh when you're trying to do Anything with them on screen and and yes You can summon them and then continue

Fighting with Bayonetta and really rack Up some totally wild combos but while You're issuing commands you can't move Or Dodge which does leave you vulnerable To enemy attacks and this all takes a Little while to click the summons all Have their own downsides as well they Can be stunned or temper rarely killed By enemy attacks sometimes they might go Berserk and you lose control of them and If you're in an enclosed area they just Can't be used certain enemies have Abilities that directly counter the Summons as well so there's a surprising Amount of strategy in deciding when and Where to deploy these guys and like I Said it takes a bit there's also I mean A ton of variety in them though there's Like a Godzilla like Gamora the easiest To use is probably madama butterfly who Just basically fights like a big Bayonetta then there's some weird ones Like the war train where you set down Tracks and signals and tell it to attack At certain points on it it's totally Absurd but the creativity on display With these things is incredible and they Are all just beyond fun to mess with the Weapons have even more depth than before Too why you can't mix and match Equipment by connecting them to hands And feet like previous games they more Than make up for it by making each Weapon have a whole fighting game's

Worth of attacks and combos including a Whole set of masquerade abilities where Bayonetta fuses with the weapons demon And gains all kinds of new attack and Movement abilities like there's so much New going on here the amount of options You have for attacking and moving around In this game is staggering honestly Pretty overwhelming to talk about Especially when the game throws all this Stuff at you in the middle of like a Chase sequence uh this there's there's Moments where you're just not gonna know What to do you're gonna flail around Uselessly for a while just trying to Figure out what the game wants you to do Uh sometimes there's a bit of an Information overload but the game isn't Quite as punishing and failure compared To previous entries in the series score Penalties for dying are less harsh in This game the instant fail qtes are Completely gone so even though the game Is still grading your performance for Every fight it's not quite as mean about It and all these new movement options And weapons actually get a workout in This game too because the campaign is Much longer than the previous Bayonetta Games the levels are longer there's more To do in them and in general it feels Less like a series of corridors Connecting fights some areas might be Little too open but I'll take what we've

Got here compared to the cramped Corridors of previous games one negative I'm gonna say is that some of the Environments aren't amazing I'm gonna Chalk it up to the Aging switch Hardware But even compared to how colorful and Vibrant many of the locations in Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U Were the Locations in this game look a little Washed out and Bland I would probably Compare them favorably to the first Bayonetta though they're at least a Little more colorful and there are some Really beautiful areas in this game and Definitely this one has the best level Variety of the whole series but some Areas just don't look good I think the Game's focus on big areas and big Enemies really works in its favor though But the levels kind of suffer they just Aren't as detailed and vibrant as the Last game uh but I'm not gonna ding it Too hard for that because it's just good You know like everything's moving so Fast all the time most of the time it Just doesn't matter another minor Negative the new enemies the hormone Homunculuses all them they're not quite As memorable or interesting as the Angels and demons from the first two in Terms of variety they are better but They just don't have the personality That the Angels had and killing them Isn't quite as satisfying when you're

Not peeling off the Heavenly veneer of An Angel to reveal the Twisted monster Under but like I said uh you really Can't beat the variety in these enemies There's so many different ones you are Introduced to new versions of these guys Non-Stop and they just keep coming their Weird alien nature lets the game kind of Run wild with what they can do there's Ones that split in two of you attack Them with summons there's artillery Pieces or ones that are just trees that Spawn new enemies there's two-headed Centipedes and Bulls the list goes on And on and on enemies from the first Game do show up but for the most part They're not related to the plot it is Fun to fight some of the classic enemies And it's cooler represented some of the Returning bosses can even be defeated to Earn weapons from the previous games Which have new moves and new masquerade Form abilities so it's not just like Holding an old weapon you're literally Like getting a ton of new moves moves That that weapon didn't have before in The other games another major change to The series is that outside of a few Brief moments in the first two games you Actually don't play with a lot of Different characters in those games Um but you do hear along with Bayonetta You also play as Gene who stars in these Goofy side-scrolling stealth levels that

Break up the action uh but are almost a Little too chaotic and weird they feel Like something out of a suit of 51 game Like Shadows of the Damned they're fun But they don't have the kind of depth of The gameplay that the main game does Biola however uh great addition she's Basically Nero to bayonetta's Dante and Plays similar to Bayonetta with one Major change Um dodging doesn't activate her which Time with her at all the only way to Slow down time with Viola is to get a Perfect Parry that one thing completely Changes how she plays and while overall She's much less technical than Bayonetta Is she's a really fun character to Return to every once in a while now While I'm talking about characters I Might as well say that in terms of Presentation this game is Siri's best Period cutscenes more insane than ever Animation especially facial animation Looks fantastic all the characters are Packed with personality and that Includes all of the controllable demons And the game manages to be referential To its world that has been established Throughout the franchise without being Too overtly fan servicey and you gotta Realize there's a different standard for That in Bayonetta I don't know what to Call Bayonetta in terms of that Sometimes uh but I'm talking more than

Just Bayonetta I'm talking more like Enzo moments etc etc I there's a lot to Talk about I'm not going to spoil Anything but there's some pretty funny Crap in this game if you like this kind Of humor again one of the things that People have difficulty with with Bayonetta is gameplay shifts like hang On out run or space Harrier type Segments and if you hated that stuff You're going to be annoyed with this Game because they throw in little Gameplay changes at you but I also feel Like after near automata people tolerate That more I don't know it's really Dependent on the player's taste these Little gameplay changes are typically Shorter and there's a nice little Feature you can select your checkpoint When we're playing a level so you can Skip past these moments if they're not For you but there are a pretty fair Amount of them I personally enjoy them I Don't think they take away from the rest Of the game Um I mentioned near automata I think all Of the weird crap in that game is great And Bayonetta is sort of where we saw a Lot of it first it's done very well here In my opinion still wanted to mention it For people who might either dislike or Get disoriented by this kind of stuff Um but aside from some pretty minor Issues in my opinion Bayonetta 3 is a

Fantastic game that just feels really Good to play yes it can be chaotic and Following the action can be a little Difficult at times but if you've played Bayonetta before you know what that's Like already the spectacle just cannot Be beat the new enemies kind of blend Together and the environments are not Photorealistic or anything but the new Characters the moves the abilities and Most of all the demon summons just take This game to the next level it's Ridiculous but in the best way as Possible like I don't know if this will Last because it's a big toss-up for me Between near automata and this game but I think right now it's probably my Favorite platinum game so far I'm a huge Fan of near automata huge fan of really All Platinum games but as of now my top Three are definitely near automata Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and this this One possibly topping that list what About you though what do you think leave Us a comment let us know if you like This video click like if you're not Subscribed now's a great time to do so We upload brand new videos every day of The week the best way to see them first Is of course a subscription so click Subscribe don't forget to to enable Notifications and as always we thank you Very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at

Falcon hero we'll see you next time Right here on game ranks

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