Back 4 Blood – Official Expansion 3: River of Blood Launch Trailer

Meet the new playable Cleaner, Tala, and learn more about the character in this brutal launch trailer for Back 4 Blood’s latest expansion, River of Blood.

The River of Blood expansion features a new story campaign and the new Cleaner, Tala, a former cultist outcast who is accompanied by a friendly Ridden Tallboy companion known as Jeff. River of Blood also includes 8 character skins and 12 exclusive weapon skins, along with new weapons, accessories, and cards.

The River of Blood expansion is available now as part of the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition, Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, or via standalone purchase.

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My children the world has shared a Message with me the past two Paradise is Ready to be open [Music] In reality is a dumpster fire You start to believe it when we talk About Paradise We wanted to believe it we needed Something to believe it being alone in This hellscape left us only two choices Look out join her [ __ ] up cult or join These guys She just takes and takes and takes and Now they're holding captive who I love Most And I'm not gonna stop until I bring my Brother home [Music] [Music] That crazy [ __ ] may be out for blood But see I don't turn in work half-assed I'm a type A to the letter Okay I'll take their paradise and burn it all To the ground He's with me use electros to modify his Behavior AP Bio really came in handy Everywhere the mother goes a river of Blood Falls She and I we have one thing in common Process and we'll stop at nothing until We [ __ ] you up

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