Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse: Catalyst Abilities and new Broken Moon Map Explained

Apex Legends season 15 or eclipse is Bringing in a new Legend and a new map With its next update Catalyst the new Legend brings in a new way to challenge Scannability Legends and broken moon is A fresh new map with more rotation Mechanics than ever before here's Everything you need to know about Apex Legends eclipse Catalyst and her abilities first if You're looking for her lore breakdown Video you can catch up on my previous Apex video Catalyst seems to be the Answer to everyone's calls for a hard Counter to scan Legends here are her Abilities her passive barricade Fortifies doors through an extra button Prompt the Fortified doors take twice as Long to destroy by melee and can only be Opened by Catalyst and her teammates her Tactical piercing spikes allows Catalysts to lay spikes in Pharaoh fluid Which causes enemies who walk through it To be slowed and take damage in order to Destroy the spikes you have to get close To it to activate the core of the spikes And shoot that catalyst's ultimate dark Fail allows her to summon a huge wall That blocks enemy vision and slows Enemies if they pass through it you can Still shoot through it and walk through It but you'll be slowed and blinded for A few seconds with darkened Vision Catalyst ultimate also blocks scantech

From Bloodhounds tactical slash ultimate And here's passive scan and ultimate Will be blocked a few things to note is That catalysts piercing spikes can be Thrown pretty far and Rampart can break The doors fortified by catalysts passive With her Sheila ultimate Catalyst Ultimate seems incredibly strong Especially with how tall it seems to go And Horizon's tactical gravity lift will Raise players slightly higher than Catalyst's Stark Veil all in all Catalyst seems like an incredibly strong Legend to counter the scan meta Currently established along with the new Legend we're getting a new map called Broken moon set on the planet borius's Moon Clio broken moon is slightly larger Than world's Edge But Not Quite Storm Point's size storm point is about 10 Bigger than world's Edge so we know the General guests of what broken Moon's Size should be this has been in Development for about a year and a half From when the Encore Arena map was Released in season 8. the terrain of Broken moon is similar to world's Edge And Canyon and less tiered like storm Point of course as ham and 10 Studio it Swept in to establish a stasis net Around the Moon to keep it as a good Stage for the Apex games then with Hammond moving in they established a new Railway system on broken Moon called the

Zip rail system this is basically a Transit network with predetermined stops And acts like the zip lines already in The game but with a speed boost and more Reach around the map there's a whole zip Rail system on broken Moon that Banks And curves are in different points of Interest or pois so you're able to have Different rotation options you can do The same things on the zip rail as you Can on a zipline like shooting at Enemies while riding past and using Certain abilities like wraith's tactical Void walk broken moon has 16 pois that Are all of sprawling sizes to alleviate The hot Drop issues of teams all Landing In one POI and struggling to find loot And having to fight another team right Away off drop one last tip about broken Moon it is set up on a fractured Moon so There are lots of edges and bridges for You to drop off of so be careful where You step While we don't have the patch notes yet Eclipse will introduce players to the Long-awaited future of gifting friends Items there will be a gifting system That allows you to send your friends Bundles and cosmetic items in the store However you will need to be in-game Friends with that person before this Feature launches next season or be Friends with them two weeks in game Before you can gift them anything

Another cosmetic change is the addition Of a sticker category you can equip Stickers on all healing items like Sponges medkits Phoenix kits batteries And shield cells the goal is to let Players customize their items further Than just Legend skins heirlooms and Weapon skins Season 15 Eclipse looks exciting so far With Catalyst and broken moon coming in This season update do you think you'll Be a catalyst Maine let us know for more On apex season 15 patch notes be sure to Stay right here at IGN to stay up to Date on apex news

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