Apex Legends – Official Catalyst Character Trailer

Want a prediction for your future look No further than Tressa Crystal Smith AKA Catalyst greetings from the Dark Side of The Moon With her Victory is in sight This is as fearsome as she is Enchanted Careful Something Wicked This Way Comes Catalysts bewitching abilities sway the Battlefield in her favor anything we Don't understand they comment In a buy Catalyst Sphero fluid from Glass paths and reinforced doors I have To find a door find time to regroup and Turn the tables on her enemies You can't make a diamond without Pressure Winning takes iron well Fluid to lay spikes when enemies are Nearby Catalyst eclipses the competition with Her ultimate you came into this blind Low-income enemy movements and block Their vision Captivating and Resolute Catalyst will Stop at nothing to save clear Hear that Bell it's the witching hour

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