95°C is Now Normal: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU Review & Benchmarks

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In this review & benchmark series, we’re testing the AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 9 7950X CPU (R9 7950X) versus the Intel i9-12900K, AMD R9 5950X, AMD R9 3900X, and even the AMD R7 1700. We have plenty of tests coming up on the R9 7900X, R7 7700X, and R5 7600X, but those will be in videos immediately following this one. For now, our focus is on testing the 7950X and explaining the new behavior where the CPU clocks to the highest frequency it can achieve at 95 degrees Celsius — and that’s normal, not considered ”overheating” or ”thermal throttling” with these new CPUs.

The R9 7950X release date is 9/27/22, tomorrow, but reviews can go up today. The other Ryzen 7000 CPUs go up at the same time.
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00:00 – AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU Review
01:37 – Test Motherboards, RAM, & AMD EXPO
03:09 – System Instability & BIOS Problems
04:08 – 95 Degrees Celsius is ’Normal’
05:20 – Thermal Benchmarks & Frequency (AMD R9 7950X Temperature)
07:10 – Core-to-Core Temperature Deltas on 7950X
08:12 – Single-Core Boost Frequency is 5.75GHz
08:35 – AMD Ryzen 7950X Power Consumption
10:16 – Single-Core Power Consumption on R9 7950X
10:41 – AMD 7950X CPU Rendering Benchmarks (Blender Cycles)
11:44 – Overstated Power Efficiency Claims
12:47 – Code Compile Programming CPU Benchmarks (7950X vs. 12900K)
13:34 – AMD’s BS TDP Numbers
14:56 – Compression & Decompression Benchmarks
16:32 – Adobe Premiere Best CPUs (AMD Zen 4 7950X)
17:20 – Adobe Photoshop CPU Benchmarks
17:58 – Very Hard to Benchmark Games on 7950X
18:35 – CSGO CPU Benchmarks (AMD Ryzen 7000) – 1080p & 1440p
19:41 – Rainbow Six Siege CPU Benchmarks 2022
20:27 – Small Frametime Issue in Far Cry 6
21:39 – Tomb Raider FPS Benchmarks (7950X vs 5950X, 5800X3D, 3900X)
23:04 – F1 2022 CPU Tests (1080p & 1440p)
23:52 – The Bottleneck Problem
24:15 – Conclusion: Gaming, ”Overheating” CPU, Power, & Production

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Host, Writing, Testing & Lead: Steve Burke
Testing & Research: Patrick Lathan
Testing & Editing: Mike Gaglione
Editing & Video Production: Andrew Coleman
Product Footage: Robert Hoang

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