10 SECRETLY Evil Characters in Video Games That TRICKED US

Sometimes it’s the smaller characters in games who end up being secretly evil. Here are some of our favorite game NPC heel turns.
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0:32 Kingseeker Frampt – Dark Souls
2:11 Psychonauts 2
3:32 Major Philips – Binary Domain
4:36 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
5:48 Batman: The telltale Series
7:13 Heavenly Sword
8:22 Lucy Stillman – Assassin’s Creed
9:32 Wild Arms 3
10:56 Janitors – Hotline Miami
12:21 Bravely Default

Sometimes characters are secretly evil It's a good narrative device let's be Frank but a lot of the time they're like Important characters them being evil has A huge impact on the story like Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas This list is a little bit different like We're not talking about allies party Members friends or cast members we're Talking about NPCs who just don't seem To matter until they turn out evil hi Folks it's Falcon and today on game Ranks 10 secretly evil NPCs in video Games starting off with number 10 it's King Seeker framped from Dark Souls he's A pretty Central NPC in Dark Souls Basically your guide he tells you most Of what you gotta do to become the King's successor and rid yourself of the Curse of the undead you just play the Game normally you probably have no idea This guy has ulterior motives I am Pleased to see you well is it something Urgent it's never explicitly stated in The game that this guy maybe doesn't Have your best interest at heart or that He's trying to deceive you so it's up to The player to put together the clues and Figure out what's going on for Themselves now here's the thing almost Everything that fire Seeker Frant tells You in Dark Souls is either a half truth Or an outright fabrication he tells you That your destiny is to take on Lord

Gwyn's place but conveniently leaves out That you're not taking his place as king You're taking his place as an eternal Kindling in the magic fire that keeps The world of Dark Souls alive one of the Biggest Clues to his deception is Anor Londo the seed of the Gods when you get There it seems pretty nice and normal And it's there that you meet the goddess Guinevere and obtain the Lord vessel Everything seems like it's on the up and Up but the gwenevere you see is actually An illusion as is all of Anor Londo Basically everything about the prophecy Of the chosen Undead in this game is Made up by frampt and his allies to Trick some gullible idiot into setting Themselves on fire for all eternity now It's questionable that this is really Evil per se because it's implied that if The world goes dark it's going to be Extreme extremely bad for lots of people And that kind of puts everything here in A murky gray area which kind of Describes the story of Dark Souls on the Whole At number nine is Nick John Smith from Psychonauts 2. the main plot of Psychonauts 2 revolves around uncovering A mole within the Psychonauts Organization and there's plenty of red Herrings pointing to other characters Who have plenty of reasons to have some Kind of grudge against the organization

This being double fine the actual answer Is not so obvious the real culprit is Nick Jon Smith The Humble mail room Clerk that you're an intern for at the Beginning of the game he spends pretty Much the entire game as a brainless husk Who seems like more of a walking Punchline than anything else but the Final mission is where it's revealed That he and try to follow along with me Here folks he's the last Living member Of an exiled royal family who wants to Resurrect the powerful psychic maligna And Conquer his own country and that's a Hell of a motive and this is all told to You in the final mission which is an It's a Small World ride through Nick's Fractured mind which is expository and Frankly catchy [Music] Unlike a lot of these out of nowhere Twists this game does a lot of work to Try to justify it after the fact at Least some people probably figured out Nick was the mole before the big reveal But I really doubt a lot of people came Up with that motive that's a that's a Hell of a motive At number eight is Major Phillips from Binary domain when it comes to evil NPCs Sometimes they come out of nowhere make Perfect sense and well you could Probably tell from my tone major Phillips is not that he's one of the

Other times he is your mission control And pretty much no personality in this Guy to speak of he talks like he's the Pilot of 747 telling passengers to Expect some like minor turbulence or Something that's how he sounds like Literally all of the time he's barely a Character let alone even an NPC he's Just kind of a voice over the radio Giving you mission objectives most Players forget he even has a name so When it's revealed that he's actually a Bad guy and actually the final boss most Players are like what major What the hell is going on here Regrettably Soldier this is the end of The line hearing this guy like Warehouse Safety training manual voice give a Villain monologue is just silly and it's The perfectly goofy Capstone on an Already very goofy game And number seven is the cab driver from Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines this Guy is an NPC in the purest sense of the Word he's just a guy who will take you Around from one District to another in a Cab doesn't even have a name just cab Driver so like he seems like a total Non-factor at any and every moment oh But he's more important than he seems a Major part of the end game of Bloodlines Is the various factions fighting over This sarcophagus it's supposed to Contain a very ancient vampire and

Everybody wants it I guess cause old Vampires are like trading cards or Something they want to collect them all No that's not it it's it's it's for Reasons obviously Um depending on the ending you choose Though it's revealed that the whole Sarcophagus Affair was just a big joke Like there was never anything of value In there it's just stuffed with Explosives and whoever opens it would Die the game basically just ends on a Big joke on the player and the one who's Responsible for it was the cab driver Who by the way may or may not be Cain The very first vampire it's a pretty Crazy twist that really fits in with the Nihilistic humor of the game you always Hear about how the butler did it but It's rarely the cabbie And number six is Vicki Vale from the Batman Telltale series if you're a Batman fan you probably recognize Vicki Vale she is a Batman love interest in The 89 movie she was in Arkham City Minor role though and basically just one Of those consistent characters in the Batman Universe usually just a reporter No major traits otherwise that's what Makes her big reveal in the first season Of the Batman Telltale Series so Shocking um in that game Vicky is Actually the leader of the children of Arkham which is basically the big bad of

The first season Telltale actually did a Lot of crazy stuff with Batman's story Up to revealing that Thomas Wayne Batman's father who's normally portrayed As basically a saint was in League with A bunch of gangsters and would Institutionalize his enemies at the Asylum for his own personal game [Music] Please don't do this you had your chance You should have made the deal we offered You now we've seen similar plot lines Play out elsewhere I.E Joker but at the End evale reveals herself to be a new Villain called lady Arkham and she Battles Batman in the ruins of the old Asylum it's a crazy Twist on an Established character it's like if it Was suddenly revealed that I don't know Harvey Bullock was actually secretly Controlling all crime in Gotham or Something it feels wrong and not Necessarily because Vicki Dale really Matters in the Batman Universe but it's So contrary to what seems like Established facts At number five is that big bird in Heavenly sword yeah it's kind of another One that comes out of nowhere for pretty Much the entire game the main bad guy is King Bohan the cartoonishly evil Tyrant One odd Quirk of his character is that He's always got this raven beside him Though it's never commented on like the

Raven never speaks or even seems to do Anything he's just always there and During the final battle it's revealed That the bird is actually some kind of Demon that possesses Bohan uh for the Final battle you have to fight a fusion Of the two the only clue you ever get That this bird is the actual bad guy of The game is that the titular Heavenly Swords backstory mentions a raven lord It's a really small clue and I don't Think anyone really hears that goes oh Well the bird is is really the bad guy You know I don't I don't think that Happens like this is another one of Those out of nowhere twists it's kind of Bizarre not totally non-telegraphed but Telegraphed in a way where I certainly Wasn't thinking about it that way but It's interesting nonetheless like King Bohan's kind of a clown he needed some Kind of power up otherwise he really Wasn't going to be like a proper last Boss At number four is Lucy Stillman from the Assassin's Creed series anyone remember This character she was really only the First two Assassin's Creed games and the Most memorable thing about her was that She was voiced by Kristen Bell and that She was randomly killed at the end of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood it was like Actually a really shocking and memorable Twist at the time but the follow-up was

Disappointing basically she was a double Agent she broke Desmond out of the Templar facility in the first game so She could find the piece of Eden that The Templars wanted that's the reason She gets killed in the end because the Goddess knows that she's a double Asian What makes this all kind of weird though Is that you really only find out the Details about Lucy's scheme in the next Game Revelations and only in background Material for most people playing these Games uh Lucy just seems like a good guy Then she gets killed in a cliffhanger Ending and that that's it she barely Gets brought up again and there's almost No repercussions for killing off Basically the secondary main character The first three games Lucy stillman's Reveal is one of the first things people Point to to talk about how the Assassin's Creed modern day storyline is A mess I mean this stuff happened in the Third game of what's now a 12 game Series And number three is the purple hair girl From Wild Arms 3 as far as RPGs Go Wild Arms 3 is a weird game instead of having A single main antagonist it's split into Chapters and each of them have their own Bad guys first there's Janus the Prophets then Siegfried who seems like The final bad guy but the true enemy Actually reveals itself to be uh some

Random purple-haired kid what makes it So weird is that you see this character Occasionally that sometimes shows up When you first enter a town or like We'll be staying in the background of an Important scene or something never Really focused on though and you can Easily go through the entire game Without even noticing this purple-haired Kid Um but always always seems to be nearby For whatever reason this being a jrpg They're not just like a random schemer The reveal is like a lot crazier than That so in reality this girl is the Dream demon who's responsible for Turning the world into a desert Apparently she was actually the one that Manipulated everything so that the good Guys would take out all the bad guys we Never actually see anything that but She's a demon so I guess she can just do Anything so there you go jrpgs love Crazy out of nowhere reveals but this One really takes the kick the bad guy of This game is literally just a background In PC [Music] And number two is the two janitors from Hotline Miami this bizarre and Disorienting top-down shooter doesn't Put a lot of emphasis on plot at least At first the basic plot of the game is You follow various Hitman who get phone

Calls the phone calls say go kill a Person and hey you get it the Psychedelic Vibe makes it seem like There's gonna be some kind of twist Revealing this is all in your head or Something like your memories are screwed Up or some crap like that but the actual Reveal is really simple near the start Of the game you see two random janitors Who like a lot of characters in this Game just seem totally random like tons Of random characters in this game that Just don't matter in any way shape or Form not these guys though in the Final Act of the game part 5 Answers the guy You're playing wants to put a stop to The Hitman operation and eventually Hunts the phone calls back to the source There he finds that the ones behind the Plot are these two janitors and Depending on if you can hack their Computer it's revealed that they're just Doing this for fun or possibly some kind Of supernationalist plot maybe they find Supernatural journalism fun I don't know Basically like everything else in Hotline Miami the reveal is kind of Disorienting and only makes sense to Some extent it sometimes seems like it's Supposed to be literal but with this Game you don't really know And at number one Arie from Bravely Default Airy the fairy is basically Bravely default's version of Navi the

Annoying fairy from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Listen she's more of a gameplay tool Than an actual character like she's There for tutorials to tell you Objectives and that seems like it get Far enough into the game though and the Truth comes out Aries actually the bad Guy of the game and is manipulating the Party into doing what she wants it's one Of the most shocking twists in any game Because she's basically part of the UI It's like of your quest objectives Started lying to you in Skyrim it's just Not something you would really expect The game does start telegraphing her Evilness before it's actually revealed With the title screen message slowly Changing from where the fairy lies to Airy lies Arie is basically of Navi Wasn't just annoying but was like Actively a villain who was working Against you which is actually kind of a Pretty clever twist in terms of the Player's expectations place the bad guy Where you're never going to look for the Bad guy but like interestingly enough in A character you're going to hate anyways Like can you imagine if navee was Actually a villain you would be like oh Yes I could kill this thing brilliant Honestly just brilliant and that's all For today leave us a comment let us know What you think if you like this video

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