10 Open World Games That Let You Conquer Areas

Some games let you conquer areas and worlds in untraditional and awesome ways.
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Some games have you walking around Exploring finding new things Etc and Some let you take over hi folks it's Falcon and today on game ranks 10 games That let you conquer areas now before we Get going just to clarify we're gonna Avoid Forex games strategy games and RTS Games because that's basically what Those games are about now what we're Doing here is listing games that are in Genres you wouldn't normally associate With conquering which makes them a Little bit more unique because they Stand out among a field of other games That just don't have anything to do with That let's start out with a pretty good Example at number 10 it's satisfactory Like few games let you impact the Natural world as much as this one it Sounds pretty basic on paper like it's a Factory building game where you start With pretty much nothing you're in an Unexplored alien landscape and you build Up your base it's a survival game like Subnautica except building your base is The primary goal and it can very very Quickly just spiral out of control at First you have a tiny little Shack and Some simple automation uh but you play The game for a few hundred hours and This once untouched world is covered in Conveyor belts roads walkways and well Factories just everywhere satisfactory Is all about taking a wild and dangerous

World and making it your own like look At the massive bases you can build in This game if that's not conquering I Don't really know what is and I think This kind of provides a pretty good Example of what to expect for the rest Of the video so let's move on And number nine is Dying Light two tons Of open world action games have some Form of territory control in them like Far Cry games a lot of Assassin's Creed Games Fallout 4 Mad Max ghost of Tsushima and the list goes on pretty Much any of these games would work for a List like this but to me Dying Light 2 Is probably one of the more elaborate And interesting versions of this what Makes two different is that you're not Just taking abandoned camps and turning Areas red or blue and that's it it's a Process that's a little more involved Depending on where you are in the game Different territories can be controlled By different factions uh the three main Ones are the Peacekeeper is the Survivors and the Hostile Renegades when You take over territory it doesn't just Become friendly you also get to decide Which faction gets it uh which affects What kind of faction rewards you get and Also drastically changes what the area Looks like being with the peacekeepers Then the place becomes a more Militarized area with soldiers metal

Walls where if you hand it over the Survivors it becomes more green there's Traders there's traversal equipment Litter around Etc these changes really Make it feel like what you do has a Direct impact on the world and the Environment and the world really does Look a lot different when you end the Game compared to where you started and You actually have input it's not just That these areas change it's that you Make decisions that change them not Everything about the game is great but When it comes to conquering it's Probably one of the best open world Games out there At number eight is Red Faction gorilla Destruction and Conquest basically the Name of the game here the entire game Revolved around going into enemy Controlled territory literally tearing Down all of their structures and Storming bases basically the opposite of Factorio or satisfactory instead of Building up you're smashing it all down And even now it's incredibly satisfying Watching some build in come crashing out After you've carefully destroyed all the Support beams and load-bearing walls oof It's satisfying all that destruction Actually serves an in-game purpose too Once an enemy base is reduced to a pile Of rubble it's gone for good destroying EDF property also builds up the

Resistance meter and once that's full You can trigger a mission that pushes The enemies out of the region for good You literally conquer it like it's not Entirely unlike other open world action Games where you can clear out territory And make it safe but the fact you're Literally destroying bases and Sabotaging things with explosives makes The active Conquest feel a little more Hands-On than it does in a lot of other Games like take a moment and look around After clearing out a particularly tough Base you can actually see how much you Affect the world with your actions like Once a huge base is just a pile of Rubble that's that it's a pile of rubble It's simple but it's one of the most Entertaining open world action games out There and I really don't think anyone Has matched this game the closest I can Think of is teardown nowadays but you're Not really conquering any you're doing Specific stuff there I would love to see A spiritual successor to Red Faction Gorilla with the kind of Destruction That it has or better And number seven is Dragon Quest Builders 2 an underrated game that at First glance doesn't seem to have a lot To do with Conquest but it's actually One of the best examples out there the Premise is very simple it's Minecraft But with like Dragon Quest and a story

How the game plays out is that you go on An island covered with miasma Everything's corrupted and ruled by Monsters and you slowly but surely Transform the environment to take back The town and transform what starts out As a nasty looking dump into a beautiful Place filled with happy townsfolks the Way you eventually transform the world Of the game is really impressive too Especially your main base on the Isle of Awakening where you take place is pretty Much nothing and you build Rivers Forest Lakes Farms all kinds of stuff and it's All part of the story it's not just Something you can do if you want to do It's one of your main objectives you Literally want to change the world and Make it look nicer in general the game Has a lot of quality of life Improvements that would be nice to see In Minecraft as well and while it's less Of a Sandbox in that game the way you Can transform the world to your liking Is nonetheless very sad is fine And number six is Overlord to less of a Building game and more of an unusual RPG RTS hybrid the overlord games are all About generating a small army of goblins And rampaging around these idyllic Fantasy environments until you Eventually transform them to blasted Hellish places fit for an evil Overlord Basically your Sauron the world is

Hobbiton and you eventually turn it in Your own personal Mordor the second game Is especially good about this making it So the world literally changes as you Slowly take over the first game is Mostly just about destruction the second You can see how the environment becomes More and more evil and you destroy Enemies and smash anything in your way And yeah by the time you're done a lot Of these plays are almost unrecognizable There's plenty of games where you can Destroy stuff but there are not a whole Lot about being an evil mastermind Invading the world with goblins it's a Fun and unique concept that would be Pretty cool to see return in some way in The future too but we'll see And number five is State of Decay two The base conquering mechanics and Dying Light to her cool visually but in Practice there's not really a lot to Them in comparison State of Decay 2 is a Lot more complex instead of just being Your standard open world zombie action Game instead of Decay 2 places a lot More emphasis on Base building Logistics Instead of just playing as a single Survivor here you play as a whole group And you have to think about things like Food and water keeping people alive Entertainment and maintaining your base You can assign people jobs in your base You can send them out to collect

Resources and yeah you gotta fight off Zombies fairly often there's other Survivors as well and depending on your Choices they can be friendly or hostile And this should come as no surprise it's Possible to conquer enemy territory and Take their base through Force at a Certain point this is all but necessary If you want to keep expanding your group Of survivors eventually the base you're In is just too small to accommodate Everyone Um watching your group of survivors Expand and Thrive is probably one of the Best things about the game it's one of The more unique entries and an Overstuffed zombie game genre and I'm Interested to see how developers move on And develop stuff further in state of Decay 3. And number four is Viking battle for Asgard another relatively unknown game From 2008 that I think deserves a little Recognition created by creative assembly Guys behind the total war games it's Kind of like if you took a total war Game a Dynasty Warriors game and combine It with breath of the wild like strange Combination I know that works way better Than it has any right to and it actually Feels like ahead of its time when you Look back at it basic gist is that you Start off with this huge map and it's Your goal as the titular Viking to

Explore the map destroy enemy outposts Free captured soldiers and build up your Army to eventually take on a gigantic Fortress at the end of the level what Makes it unique is that you're basically Playing an open world game but you're in A massive Battlefield a lot of the time You're tasked with opening Gates and Lowering Bridges and that takes you Behind Enemy Lines and in this situation You pretty much have to sneak because There's entire regiments of enemy Soldiers marching around and if they Catch in your debt the most memorable Moments are definitely the big Siege Battles being just one soldier in these Giant fights really gives you the Feeling Conquest that few games capture Just seeing this many soldiers running Around this previously empty open world Area is impressive most new games can't Create battles this big or impressive Looking and it leads one to ask why the Actual world doesn't change that much But few third-person action games really Make you feel like a conqueror than this One And number three is Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories they took it a little Bit further in Vice City Stories where You had to buy land plots develop stuff Into businesses and occasionally defend Them with a team of goons even though it Originally came out of the PSP and it's

Kind of one of those forgotten GTA games Vice City Stories has a really large Amount going for it the main feature That makes it stand out is the gang Warfare mechanics instead of just being A basic thing where you can buy a few Properties like in Vice City this game Greatly expands the concept and turns it Into an entire Empire management mode You can take enemy territory upgrade Existing businesses and occasionally Even defend your properties when they Get attacked it's interesting and it's Fun and it's not too complicated so it's Enjoyable to play around with being able To upgrade your properties and convert Them into different businesses is also a Lot of fun and it's cool seeing how much Interiors change depending on how much Money you put into it it's not the most Complicated Conquest mode in video games It's one of the most fun while really Making it feel like you're taking over In a tangible way And number two is The Saboteur set in German-controlled Paris during World War II the game is all about taking back the City one Dead Nazi at a time it's kind Of similar to Red Faction gorilla not Necessarily in destruction but the world Is covered in checkpoints spaces and Depots that are just waiting to be Destroyed in that game you could go nuts With explosives but in this one you got

To be a little smarter and more careful It has kind of an almost hitman-like Approach where you need to slowly and Carefully dismantle an enemy base with Explosives while never getting caught is Challenging but also very satisfying to Pull off when you do finally clear out An enemy disc the color of the world Changes from black and white to color And the entire demeanor of the place Changes it's simple but it's also a very Effective way of showing how your Actions affect the world conquering Areas have this huge effect on gameplay Too when you first find a Nazi Controlled area it's covered in AA guns Tanks checkpoints that make the simple Act of getting around a pain but once It's been cleared it becomes super easy To explore The Saboteur can be a little Rough around the edges but when it comes To Conquest few games respondent Satisfying as this Finally at number one mountain Blade 2 Banner Lord now these are These are Big strategy games with one Major difference instead of issuing Commands in the abstract what if you Literally played as the leader and Commanded armies on foot it's a small Change that makes a huge difference in What these games are and how they play Mountain Blade 2 is a game that's Actually still in Early Access but

There's enough game there to easily land At a spot at number one this is a game Where you literally are a conqueror on Your own terms that means you can be a Simple vassal a mercenary or a Full-blown leader in your own right Storming castles and bringing kingdoms To ruin under your iron boot it's a Really cool game with some of the more Immersive and exciting sieges ever seen In games and you have direct control Over how they play out if you want to be A real conqueror games don't get a lot Better than this and that's all for Today leave us a comment let us know What you think if you like this video Click like if you're not subscribed as a Great time to do so we upload brand new Videos every day of the week best way to See them first is of course a Subscription so click subscribe don't Forget to enable notifications and as Always we thank you very much for Watching this video I'm Falcon you can Follow me on Twitter Falcon hero we'll See you next time right here on game Ranks

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